Social Media Management

Let me be your virtual social media manager!

Let’s be honest–social media isn’t for everyone. It takes time, it requires some skills, it takes someone with a eye for graphics and someone who knows the difference between managing a personal account versus a business account. If you find yourself overwhelmed by social media but want a social media account setup for your business, brand, product or maybe just your personal brand, I can help!

Social media is my passion and interest. I’ve managed numerous social media accounts–one with 18.6k followers, another for a trade account and business and other specific interests and niche markets. If you need social media accounts setup and managed, let me help you get started!

As your virtual social media manager, I will setup your social media accounts, create consistent and professional graphics for them across multiple platforms, provide an over-the-phone consultation on how to update and use these accounts, and will even update your accounts for you!

– All businesses, brands and influencers are on social media. If you aren’t, you’re missing out
– I do all the hard work for you, from setting up the accounts on your behalf to creating the graphics for them using your logos or photos
– I’ll run your social media for you–you can sit back and reap the rewards!
– It’s like having an expert marketer on staff without the huge salary requirements, benefits, and expenditure

Easy Setup Package – $850 (one time setup). Includes up to three social media account setups (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). Includes all the necessary graphics and one over-the-phone consultancy call.

Upgraded Package – $850 (one time setup fee) + $150 per month management fee (3-month minimum term). Includes up to four social media account setups (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), a social media strategy plan to help you meet your marketing and business goals, and 3-months of social media management.

Ultimate Package – $6,000 (one-time fee for ). Not only do you get 3 months of social media setup and management but 3 months of blog management as well, including original content creation. A blog will set your business apart from its competitors but not everyone’s a writer. Guess what? I am! You give me a topic that relates to your business and its products, I’ll help build your brand by providing you original weekly content for your site’s blog and will use social media to help promote this content and your business! This is for serious businesses and professionals only who are ready to take their business to the next step. You get social media management, marketing and editorial for one very affordable price.

I will get you results. Interested? Email me at or give me a call at (919) 215-0764.