Antoine Reid is a published writer and experienced digital marketer.

Antoine has made a career working within niche industries including gardening and premium tobacco. What he’s come to learn about business and life is that without a good story, no amount marketing or money will sell a product or give an entrepreneur the influence he or she may want. Antoine has experienced telling a story visually through graphic design and also is a published writer, having spent over seven years penning stories about various men and women who’ve started their own businesses and focusing in on the motivations and inspirations that helped these individuals take their dreams from concept to reality. In 2018, he was recognized by Writer’s Digest as having one of the top editorial stories of the year in the annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition for the article “Hustle & Grow,” which was published in Tobacco Business magazine. 

Antoine utilizes various media platforms to help tell these stories–print, podcasts, videos and social media. In his free time, Antoine can be typically found reading, spending crazy amounts of money on vinyl records, playing his Nintendo Switch and keeping up with all of the latest pop culture news and daytime television happenings. 

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner in need of a copywriter that will get you and your brand attention, a podcast that will add credibility to your resume, or a fun way to market your business while engaging with new customers and adding money to your bottom line, let’s talk! Click here to drop me a message.

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